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Stream of bubbles
NME 2015-01-15 All rights reserved

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//Stream of bubbles
// forked from NME's bubbles
package {
    //original code by Anthony Pace A.K.A. NME
    import flash.display.Graphics;
    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    import flash.utils.setInterval;
    [SWF(width=465, height=465, backgroundColor=0xffffff, frameRate=121)]
    public class FlashTest extends MovieClip{        
        public var maxBubbles:uint = 500;
        public var bubblePool:Vector.<MovieClip> = new Vector.<MovieClip>;
        public var iid:Number;
        public var pauseTimeStart:Number;
        public var maxHeight:uint;
        public var colours:Vector.<uint>;
        public var desiredFpsIntervalDuration:Number = 1000/60;        
        public var timePassed:uint;
        public var deg2rad:Number = Math.PI/180;
       // public var rad2deg:Number = 180/Math.PI;
        public var degToRadX2:Number = deg2rad*2;        
        public var startXOffset:Number;
        public var mouseIsDown:Boolean=false;
          public function FlashTest() {
        public function init():void{
            var i:int;
            maxHeight = 0;
            colours = new <uint>[0xE52019, 0xFF6600, 0xFFA500, 0xD4FF00, 0x00FFA1, 0x2644D8, 0x00FFA1, 0xD4FF00, 0xFFA500, 0xFF6600, 0xE52019];
            this.startXOffset = uint(stage.stageWidth/2);
            this.iid = setInterval(moveBubbles,desiredFpsIntervalDuration);
        public function mMoveEH(e:MouseEvent):void{
              startXOffset = e.stageX;      
                mouseIsDown = false;
        public function createBubble():MovieClip{
            var bubble:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
            bubble['Ay'] = 0; //The will be the acceleration constant along Y... for the the lift
            bubble['timePassed'] = 0;
            bubble['negRadius'] = 0;
            bubble['radius'] = 0;
            bubble['startXOffset'] = this.startXOffset;
            return bubble;
        public function modBubble(bubble:MovieClip):void{
            var g:Graphics =;
            var colour:uint = 0xffaac66;
            bubble.timePassed = 0;
            bubble.x = this.startXOffset +Math.random()*20-20;
            bubble.y = stage.stageHeight;
            bubble.radius = 1+Math.random()*5;
            bubble.negRadius -=bubble.radius; 
            bubble.Ay = -0.0000004*( bubble.radius); 
            //becase there is a lot of alpha blending going on, I am not sure this will really help
            //in truth manually rasterizing your images is better, but I won't concern myself with
            //this right now
            //bubble.cacheAsBitmap = true;
            bubble.z = bubble.radius*Math.sin((-1+Math.random()*2));
        public function newBubbles(newBubbleCount:uint=1):void{
            var i:uint = 0,randMax:uint = 8,count:uint,ln1:uint;
            if(maxBubbles-bubblePool.length <randMax){
                randMax =int(maxBubbles-bubblePool.length);
            count = newBubbleCount;//Afterwards I am going to have to cut down on variable usage like this
            //and clean up the code in general, but it works
            if (newBubbleCount==0){
               count = 1+Math.random()*randMax; 
                ln1 = bubblePool.length; //after create, it will be equal to length-1
                bubblePool[bubblePool.length] = createBubble();
        public function moveBubbles():void{
            var lbp:uint,i:uint = 0,Ay:Number,t:Number,Dy:Number;
            this.timePassed= (this.timePassed+1)%360;
            var cos_tpXd2r:Number=Math.cos(this.timePassed*this.deg2rad);
            this.startXOffset += cos_tpXd2r+Math.random()*10-5;//
            var bpi:MovieClip;
            lbp = bubblePool.length; //length of the bubble pool
                bpi.timePassed+=desiredFpsIntervalDuration;//16.66666666... is 1000/60... the milliseconds desired for the frame rate;
                if (bpi.y<maxHeight){ //less than 0 to appear as though the bubble is forming
                    //I will have to strip this later for things I can pre-compute
                    bpi.startXOffset = this.startXOffset;
                    bpi.x = this.startXOffset+Math.random()*20;
                    bpi.y= stage.stageHeight;
                    bpi.z= 100*Math.sin((1+Math.random()*360)*this.deg2rad);
                    t = bpi.timePassed;
                    // this is a basic equation for finding the delta based on time
                    //I removed initial velocity x time, or  V0y*t because I don't need an initial velocity in this case 
                    Dy =-0.3*t+/* Voy*t +*/ (bpi.Ay * t * t)*.5; 
                    //amplitude should get bigger as time moves on, so I put this here as Amplitude plus a time dependent inverted dampening factor
                    var A:Number=0.3*(t/(this.desiredFpsIntervalDuration));////
                    bpi.y = stage.stageHeight + Dy;
                    bpi.x -=A*Math.cos(bpi.y*this.degToRadX2);  
                    bpi.z += cos_tpXd2r;//more 3d